Low-Cost Veterinary Services in Ohio


I was lucky enough to catch wind of a low-cost vet clinic offering vaccination services near me. I’m still catching up from 6 months of unemployment, and just recently took in another rescue dog. All 5 of the dogs under my care needed caught up of vaccinations, at the same time, I needed caught up on my bills.

When recently taking my poodle, Cinnamon in for testing of a lump in her tummy, I paid $140 just to get her caught up on vaccinations alone, that didn’t include the testing to find out if the lump was malignant or not. How was I possibly going to afford $140 each for the other 4 dogs under my care and still allow Cinnamon to have surgery.

Then as cheesy as it sounds…Racal Unit came from the veterinary heavens! While I was stressing myself into a potential anti-depressant medication regimen, I get the LOW COST VET CLINIC event email. I dragged my boyfriend, cousin and 4 dogs at 7am on a Saturday morning to relieve some much needed stress and making me not feel like an awful dog owner. Oso, Knightly, Ditto & Brutus got caught up on vaccinations, heartworm tested, and Ditto and Brutus got micro-chipped…all for under $200. Seeing that my regular vets office wanted to charge me $140 per dog, I was over the moon with happiness!

Vet Clinic

Left to Right: Knightly, Brutus & Ditto chilling to the fence, while I rested my arms. They were overly excited about having other dogs around so I got a good resistance workout pulling them away from other dogs for 4 hours.

If your in the Central Ohio area, check out Racal Unit . They also travel around the state doing clinics like the one’s I took my dogs to.


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